new music: new york rock band living colour gives a thunderous return on rousing new single, “come on”

June 8, 2017

Eight years after their last album The Chair In The Doorway, Living Colour is back and ready to release, Shade, their sixth studio album out September 8th. To gear fans up, the New York quartet just dropped the lead single from the blues-inspired offering, the uptempo “Come On”, and it sounds like they haven’t missed a beat. A thumping, energetic anthem, “Come On” is a direct response to these tense and charged times.

“It’s the times more than anything else; Where are you mentally at that particular point?” Lead singer Corey Glover explained to Billboard. “Even when we started this record there were a lot of things going on in the world, period, that needed to be talked about, and it just sort of ratcheted up as we progressed. That made us have to really look at this stuff and go back and make sure it really did emphasize certain things, make sure it was working.”

Listen to the rousing track below!:

Banner photo via Steve Jackle