new music: goth/industrial project deviated ascension takes on rape and racism in monstrous new album

June 20, 2017
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Deviated Ascension is a one man goth/industrial project founded in 2013 by William McKinney. Based in Chicago, IL, Deviated Ascension fuses elements of goth and industrial music with coldwave and ethereal. The project’s most recent album, Rable Rousing Rapture Rupture takes on issues like rape culture and racial violence head on. With track titles like “See Trump Rape(((A Childrens Book))),” “MaKe Them Eat Bill Cosby(Mayonaise Mix),” and “Free Dylan Roof for A+ Moment,” the ten-track offering lives up to its instigating name for a hard-hitting musical experience. Check out the album below!:


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