new music: deathcore pioneers oceano return with their brutal sci-fi epic ‘revelation’ #soundcheck

June 5, 2017

I’m a sucker for an album with a story. Building on the sci-fi narrative of 2015’s game-changing Ascendants, Oceano’s latest Revelation continues the story of the alien race called The Ascendants trying to decide whether or not to save humanity from itself. Each song is a different glimpse at a possible future of humanity, each ending in destruction. It’s a bleak fucking concept perfectly matched by the band’s bleak fucking music, but one Oceano keeps compelling with their trademark depth and frontman Adam Warren’s incomparable deathcore vocals.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor

The tracks rarely pass the 3 minute mark keeping with the album’s theme of snapshots of visions. Synths wash in and out amplifying the sci-fi vibe of the whole thing, but the band is as tight and ferocious as ever (new drummer Andrew Holzbaur’s double bass work is goddamn impeccable). Warren contorts his guttural scream, shifting registers and layering to portray multiple characters and stories. Album highlights like “Lucid Prophecy” and the title track showcase the band’s skill at complex surprising arrangements that stretch the definition of deathcore, while the instrumental “Final Form” nods to 90’s industrial in the best possible way. The highlight though is “Human Harvest,” whose shifts and explosions give the backbone for Adam Warren to destroy whole galaxies with his voice. It’s cinematic in scope. If aliens come to judge humanity for our failings, at least it’ll sound like this.

Photos via Facebook