ivorian artist latetia ky sculpts real hair into hands in astonishing new photo series

June 1, 2017
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Côte d’Ivoire-based artist Latetia Ky is proof that Black hair can do everything. The daringly creative model’s latest project shows her turning her locks into an additional pair of hands, taking self expression to a whole new level. The hair-hands are shown holding her glasses on her face in one photo, and helping do the rest of her hair in another. The wacky series has gone viral since the artist posted it on Facebook Monday, and we can see why!:

Caption translation:

“Hello everyone!! My family has me!!! Today it’s Monday… a new week begin! I hope beautiful things you arrive.

“”” every action is first a thought. Before you realize all things let’s learn to visualize his good arrangements before putting it in shape.”””

It’s a little what I wanted to express with this little shoot!!!

My hair in the shape of a hand are the expression of my thoughts, which is so strong that she decided to materialize before even that I don’t pass has the action.

PS: the hair is real and not photoshopped. I’ll post a video and you’ll see :). For this shoot I realized depending on the result that I wanted to get several different forms of hands. That’s why a photo has the other she seem different.

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Instagram: @Laetitiaky”

Check out the rest of the series below: