independent film project brings indigenous cultures, spirituality and mma together for a groundbreaking adventure

June 9, 2017

Derek Jay Garlington is a New York based writer, filmmaker who published his first novel Souls of a Kindred Flame last year. The book follows a character named Divinity who convinces her cage fighting boyfriend to join her in meditation, only to be thrust onto a spiritual journey full of enlightenment and adventure. Now Garlington hopes to bring the story off the page and onto the screen.

As Garlington explains in the video posted to Facebook above, the story is inspired by his psychologist mother, an exploration of Native American cultures, and his experience in MMA. Souls of a Kindred Flame brings spirituality, Indigenous cultures, and cage-fighting together for a groundbreaking storytelling experience. Raising funds on Indiegogo, the plan is to turn a few chapters of the book into a short, and, given critical attention, later develop the story into a feature length film. You can find out more and donate at the Indiegogo link below!: