brooklyn hip-hop artist latasha alcindor gives a tribute to the experiences of black girls in energetic new album “teen nite at empire”

June 8, 2017

Latasha Alcindor aka L.A. is the epitome of Brooklyn attitude. The witty Afro-Latina’s latest album Teen Nite at Empire is a lyrical story of Black girlhood in the borough, boldly tackling issues such as struggles with depression, identity and coming into womanhood. The core of the project follows Alcindor’s childhood memories at Brooklyn’s Empire Skating Rink, which closed down in 2007 due to gentrification, and whose infamous “Teen Nite” is where she was introduced to much of the music that made her.

“I think if I tapped back into the music I grew up loving and let the spirit of that music flow through me, I might resurrect the essence in a new way,” Alcindor explains. “Teen Nite at Empire is essentially influenced by the 2 for $5 bootleg mixtapes you could purchase at any bodega.”

Check out the album on Spotify below!:

Photos via Randez West II aka Tune

Banner photo via Facebook