9-year-old virginia-based entrepreneur starts her own line of bath products

June 5, 2017

Jelani Jones is one busy nine-year-old. A straight “A” student, Jalani balances homework, dance class, church and a girls’ ministry with running a full business–her own line of bath products called Lani Boo Bath.

According to Fredericksburg.com, Jalani enjoyed making bath bombs in class so much that she asked for the teacher’s business card. On the way home, her mother asked Jelani what she’d name her own business if she had one, to which the fourth-grader exclaimed, “Lani Boo Bath!” “Lani Boo” is Jalani’s grandmother’s nickname for budding businesswoman.

The Spotsylvania pre-teen launched Lani Boo Bath in October, with her parents helping with startup costs and friends and family as her first customers. Now, her business is expanding, with the young entrepreneur selling her products in local craft fairs and shipping orders across the country.

Crystal Jones, who taught Jalani how to make the bath bombs, pitches in when there are many orders to fill. “By the time Christmas came around, we were a bath bomb factory,” she told Fredericksburg.com. “Everyone at the post office knew us. Dec. 17 was the last mailing. Then we took a break.”

Check out Lani Boo Bath’s Facebook page here!

Banner photo via Mike Marones / The Freelance Star