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this single father created a workshop for dads to learn to do their daughters’ hair!

May 26, 2017

Being a single parent is difficult already, but being a single dad is its own trial in a society that is still catching up to the idea of men doing domestic tasks, and thus doesn’t prepare them for it. Hunstville, Alabama-based Darious Bland, who has been a single father for seven years, is well aware of the steep learning curve fathers face having been forced to learn many things he never thought he would have to do, like how to do his daughter’s hair.

“When I first started I didn’t even know how to do a basic ponytail,” Bland told WHNT News. “I’m learning to do flat twist, knots, so there`s different things I’m doing as a father trying to figure out ways to make my daughter look great, as far as her appearance with her natural hair.”

After other fathers began taking note and inquiring about his skills, Bland started he’s teaching what he’s learned. On Sunday, he hosted the event Can Daddy Do My Hair? where dads come not only to learn about hair, but to get a glimpse of what many mothers go through without recognition. “They didn’t understand the frustration that mothers have to go through while doing their daughters hair,” Bland explained.

Bland has turned the idea into an organization to keep the education going. Incredible!