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stop saying black feminism destroyed the black family

May 8, 2017
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By Asher Primus*, AFROPUNK contributor

When I first heard of feminism it was through the mouths of hoteps and fake pro-blacks. I was told that feminism was a CIA program led by Gloria Steinem to persuade black women away from black men. As a reward (according to hoteps) black women would receive government assistance and office jobs.

There is more anti-black feminism on YouTube and Facebook than pro-black feminism videos. When I was a sophomore in college, I enrolled in Intro to Women’s Studies and even joined the Women’s Studies Student Association.

In my discovery of feminism, I learned that it was supposed to be a platform for women to rewrite their place in society. In addition, intersectional was born to add non-cis-women to feminism, while reminding everyone that they may somewhat benefit from patriarchy. Black feminism was created not because of the government, but to correct the issues in white feminism.

Despite the racial loyalty black women have had in the past, they could not bring their feminism to the black community. Systemic racism kept many POC out of the job market or being in head positions. Black men wanted patriarchy comparable to that of the white man, but they lacked the resources. Hyper-masculinity took over black manhood and substituted for the lack of a systemic black patriarchy.

In reality, family was not something black men were interested in creating, which led to the stigma of black single motherhood.

In 2016, Feminista Jones debunked the hotep theories that feminism was to blame for the supposed fall of the black family. Jones points out that between the 40s to 70s, black did not have a long lifespan since the 1800s. Black men feared in not having a legacy, so reproducing with multiple women coped for fragile masculinity. In result, black people had relatives whom they never knew from their fathers.

Jones further dives in history as the Vietnam War draft took many black men to be pawns and bait for their country. Black women were left alone in households and to find work. During some time as the war, domestically, drugs and pimping were in our communities, putting black women in tough situations, on whether sex was a moral means for an income.

In conclusion, what really destroyed the black family (according to Jones) was black people trying to live up to the white definition of patriarchy while forgetting that other POC may not live a heteronormative lifestyle, “There are people who want it to be man-man, woman-woman, trans-trans, non-binary, man-woman-woman-woman, woman man man man.”

Family, by most people’s definition, describes man, woman and child(ren), yet our community belittles the existence of the LBGTQ communities. There is a huge hotep myth that homosexuality was introduced by pedophilia in the Greco-Roman conquest.

Despite this is not being true many POC from Africa to Asian to even the islands of Polynesia practiced genderfluidity and same-sex relations before European imperialism. In fact, the concept of (Christian) marriage was forced upon POC to reject their own culture. Even hoteps will clumsily demand polygamy (in America) as they say marriage has turned to a European concept. Black men in men’s rights organizations do not realize that white patriarchy is foreign and not the other way around as native cultures predated the current standard of gender and sexuality.

*My name is Asher Primus. My hobbies are writing and landscaping. I have a love and appreciation for the simplest things in life. My goal in life is to guide black youths to a better future that appreciates their differences, flaws and uniqueness that they bring to the world

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