rupaul once fronted a punk rock band called wee wee pole

May 10, 2017
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Thanks to the internet, the past never dies and Unicorn Bootyrecently informed the world that icon RuPaul once fronted an Atlanta punk band by the name of Wee Wee Pole. “I was inspired by bands like The B-52’s, Wendy O. Williams (of Plasmatics), and my all-time favorite Blondie,” RuPaul said on a season 8 episode of his hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race. Watch a clip of RuPaul and Wee Wee Pole perform “Funky for a Honky” and “Body Heat” at Atlanta’s Club 688 in 1983, and another performance with Wee Wee Pole and the U-Hauls below!

Photo via RuPaul

Photo via RuPaul’s Drag Race