puerto rico-based street photographer phoenix robles captures the beauty of everyday faces and spaces

May 30, 2017

Through gritty photographs, Puertro Rican photog Phoenix Robles captures the places and faces of everyday people. Phoenix primarily shoots in black and white which giving her photos a documentary-type of feel and perspective.

“I’d like to consider myself a sociological photographer,” Robles says. “My photography seeks to discover the inner workings of places and people, that would normally go over-looked. Frequenting the urban places similar to the places I’ve grown up in, I focus mainly on street style and street art photography. Often going into the places that are falling apart, a bit broken, and scary on the exterior, to get the stories inside of these places, that could simply change one’s view, or the world.”

“Nae” Baltimore, MD 2016

Washington, D.C. 2016

“Ariana” Orange, New Jersey 2016

San Juan, Puerto Rico

El Trumpetisto, Old San Juan, PR 2017

“Flashing Lights” Newark, NJ 2016

“Crowned” Baltimore, MD 2016