photo series pays tribute to androgynous grace jones box-cut haircut, celebrating black beauty

May 31, 2017

Inspired by the inner beauty black women possess and Grace Jones’ signature aesthetic, Brazilian photographer Luiz Moreira editorializes the Greek mythology of Midas. Model Regina Ferreira poses in a Grace-esque box cut fade as she adorns her body with gold. “Through this re-imagining, Luiz Moreira transforms the story into a beautiful message inspired by and building upon on the inner beauty of Blackness, where a black woman uses the Midas touch on her body. Instead of dying, this metamorphosis illuminates the true interior of the black model, the gleam of gold revealed on the skin. I call this transformation “the ransom of all that has been taken from the blacks for generations in history and taken back to their bodies, thus showing their true value.””

“Midas” is an ongoing photo series by Luiz Moreira. See part one, here.

Luiz Moreira (photographer, director, producer) @lp.moreira
Regina Ferreira (Model) @instaferreira
Yuri Monacelli (Beauty) @yuri_monacelli