new music: chicago-based crust-punk band red moon rising creates a requiem for humanity on ‘dream walker’ #soundcheck

May 24, 2017

In the late anthropocene era, we seem to be doing our damndest as a species to make sure if we can’t live on this planet, no-one else gets to either. With planet-wide destruction on their minds, Chicago-based blackened crust band Red Moon Rising’s latest EP stares deep into the abyss. Moments of genuine sadness break up the full-on aural assault.

The vocals are mixed more like foreboding omens than lyrics. And throughout a narration chimes in to warn of our impending destruction at our own hands; if the band’s music hadn’t already made that abundantly clear. Dream Walker is less a dream than a soundtrack to a possible near future. “We have shaped our past, we are shaping our present, we can shape our future,” the voice says in “Sea of Black,” before ending: “welcome to the anthropocene.”

The Dream Walker EP is available from Red Moon Rising’s Bandcamp for whatever you can afford, or on cassette via Dystopian Cult Records.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor

Image from artist’s Facebook Page