jersey-based alternative hip-hop artist izm opens up about sexual abuse in moving track “give me strength”

May 19, 2017
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IZM (Anthony Peterson) is an alternative hip-hop and spoken word artist whose mission is to provide healing for the Black LGBTQ community. “Give Me Strength”, a stand out track from his third album Rhyme Therapy Vol. 1: DESTROY due later this year, is a bold and stirring take on the pain of sexual abuse the artist endured in his younger years. IZM hopes the song to be a spark that lights the fire to free other Black men from similar demons.

“As a black same gender loving man in hip hop, I understand the odds that are against me but see the path to recovery and healing for my community through my music,” the artist explains. “By discussing topics such as sexual abuse, suicide, homophobia and insecurity, I hope to create the dialogue needed for healing, acceptance and understanding. Sometimes, we just want to be understood.”

Check out the moving track below!:

Photography by Dave Jackson and Timothy Daniels

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