black woman entrepreneur opens low-cost organic grocery online store

May 23, 2017
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In this weeks news of Black women who said “fuck it—i’ll do it”, LA native, Howard University grad, and entrepreneurial activist Olympia Auset has created community-centered access to quality, whole foods through her business, SÜPRMARKT. Offering low-cost organic food options for low-income communities in LA, SÜPRMARKT is a weekly farmer’s market-type of pop up that aims to bridge the gap between the high cost of healthy foods and far away locations of LA’s health food store, compared to the West LA neighborhoods Auset is servicing.

“If you live in Inglewood, you have to drive 25 minutes or bus 2 hours to get organic groceries at often expensive prices,” Auset explains on the website. “This single, obvious barrier gives people the idea that they can never be vegan or eat healthily because it is too expensive and too much of an inconvenience.”

Food insecurity today is something that impacts 8 million children all across the country. Likewise, 1 in 6 California children has been classified as obese. SÜPRMARKT aims to bring about affordable access to food to combat these issues and beyond.

@sistermakeba and @the_vineyardkeeper looking SÜPR excited to get their sübscription box + Coconut Spice and Coconut Oil from @negus_korby_7

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