black lesbian horror flick by ‘pariah’ director dee rees & ‘get out’ producer is on the way!

May 16, 2017

Dee Rees has already made her mark on cinema as the director behind the Sundance award-winning film about a black lesbian facing family rejection, Pariah, and the Golden Globe-nominated HBO movie Bessie about queer blues legend Bessie Smith. Jason Blum is the producer behind one of the biggest game changers of the year with Get Out, a record-breaking social thriller taking on the terror of being Black in America. According to a New York Times Magazine article, the two mavericks will soon join forces for a film that will fuse their groundbreaking talents.

After meeting at an event in L.A., Rees pitched Blum a horror film about a Black lesbian couple who moves to the countryside, and he was immediately sold. Rees described her pitch as “me and my wife, two black lesbians, and when we first moved in, we fought every day over all these little things: ‘Why is this over there? Did you move that?’ […] Maybe it was a ghost,” Rees continued. “Or maybe it was some other force — like us not wanting to be there or fitting in. Anyway, that’s my horror-movie pitch.”

Just a few weeks later the two met again to actually start getting the project off the ground. “I can’t tell you how rare it is that people mean what they say in this business.” Get Out, but with lesbians! We can’t wait.