black 15-year-old who launched mo’s bows bowtie company partners with nba

May 12, 2017

Mo’s Bows is the real MVP! (it certainly isn’t James Harden.) The bowtie brand, started by 15-year-old Moziah “Mo” Bridges, just announced a major partnership with the NBA. The company will create handmade neckties and bowties featuring the logos of teams and stripe patterns of the team’s colors. It’s one of the first times a major sports league has initiated a collaboration with a smaller brand, but it’s not the teen’s first work around the NBA. In 2015, Moziah appeared on ESPN as a fashion correspondent for the NBA draft, making bowties for the draft picks. He has also appeared on Shark Tank and Time‘s most influential teens list.

Mo started his business when he was only 9 years old, and he plans to develop a full clothing line in the future.

So dope!

Photo Credit: Audria Richmond