afro-mexican histories and mythologies are explored in artist/musician ras levy’s “mexico negro” exhibit

May 22, 2017

Mexican musician, painter, and rasta Ras Levy is one of the prolific Afro-Mexican artists who has spent close to two decades promoting the exposure and visual representation of Mexico’s legacy of blackness. Levy’s latest collection, ‘Mexico Negro’, is a series of portraits of acrylic paintings done on wooden canvas and embellished with vinyl featuring Mexican figures, histories, and mythologies that are linked to African heritage, like La Mulata de Cordoba (pictured below).

“We are trying to tell a story that is more authentic than the one told by the Eurocentric system,” Levy tells “That is to say, we want to break the paradigm of white supremacy and show that Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of color in Mexico have stories to tell from our own point of view and not from the colonial point of view.”

The ‘Mexico Negro’ is on exhibition at Rollos Chilangos in Mexico City through May 31.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor


‘Danza de Diablos’ by Ras Levy. Photo courtesy of Ebony Daniels

‘La Mulata de Cordoba’ by Ras Levy, photo courtesy of Ebony Bailey

Photo via Facebook

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