some black men say white women are more “loyal”, will they ride or die for you when it comes down to race?

April 17, 2017

By Asher Primus*, AFROPUNK Contributor

I am not wrong for still being mad over Pepsi’s tone-deaf commercial featuring Kendall Jenner handing a soda to a police officer at a protest. Rather than pointing out the dozens of sins in the video, I want to pull Black men to side to tell them the truth: Becky is not going to take the place of your sisters by your side during the revoltion.

Black men can bring up stereotypes that white women are more loyal, submissive to patriarchy and know their place, but none of this means white women are going to ride or die for you when it comes down to racial struggles.

Kendall Jenner did not make a profound statement in solidarity with the Black man’s struggle, and she is not alone. What do white girls know about racial-profiling, wrong-place-wrong-time or any other aspect of racial oppression? And no amount of cheesy Twitter hashtags and gestures will make up for this lack of understanding.

If a Black man wants to argue to Black society that his soul-mate is a non-Black woman that is his prerogative, but this should not erase the fact that, in general, too many white women are willing participants in white supremacy. Lest we forget, more than 50% of white women voters cast their ballot in favor of Trump.

The same Trump who did not pity and fought vigorously to keep the Central Park 5 in jail, even after it was brought to light that they were falsely arrested for raping a white woman.

Lastly, where are the apologies from old white women who led lynch mobs and celebrated the deaths of our great-grand-grandparents as if it was a Sunday picnic? These same women were once mad at Black men when we got the right vote before them, but had nothing to say about the Black women who were ignored by both movements.

I know white and even white-identifying women who will pretend to cheer for a progressive world. But you cannot be for and against white patriarchy, nationalism/imperialism and capitalism at the same time, and many will always be a liability.

*Asher Primus is a graduate of Augusta University majoring in Communication with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. While in Augusta University, they were a part of Black Student Union, The Initiative, Thinktools Inc., and Women’s and Gender Studies Association. Their hobbies are video gaming and blogging.