premiere: folk-rock singer andy palmer pays tribute to harriet tubman in powerful new single “black moses”

April 26, 2017

Denver-based Andy Palmer has the type of timeless voice you’ll never forget. Weighty and full of emotion, the folk-rock singer’s music has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, hypnotic in its ability to be both full of strength and vulnerability simultaneously.

A former New York City public defender, the artist describes his work as “struggling with contradiction,” something he views as inherent to the practice of law. His third and latest release, The Switch, exemplifies this tension; on the surface, it’s smooth melodic journey, but dig deeper and you’ll be faced with the philosophical task of grappling with the dissonance of trying to impact the world while still finding joy in just getting by. His latest single, “Black Moses”, is the perfect example, honoring the beauty of Harriet Tubman’s strength and journey while highlighting the fearsome struggle still facing our communities.

“Black Moses, for me, is a tune about remembering and honoring those individuals who struggled before us to secure the rights and freedoms that many of us enjoy today,” Palmer explains. “Specifically, in this song I attempt to convey my thanks to Harriet Tubman. It’s a song of being humbled by her incredible strength and courage, while recognizing that we all must follow her lead and continue the fight against hatred and bigotry. I wrote the song before this recent upsurge in overt racism and I end the song on a hopeful note. I admit that hope can be a hard thing to hold onto these days. But Harriet Tubman was a beacon of light in dark times, so perhaps there’s even more value in remembering her now.”

Take a listen to the moving track below!:


Andy Palmer – vocals, acoustic guitars, harmonica
Steve Vidaic – reed organ, vocals
Charlie Mertens – upright bass
Carl Sorenson – drums


Recorded at Silo Sound and Immersive Recording Studios, Denver CO
Produced by Steve Vidaic and Andy Palmer
Engineered by Steve Vidaic, Mike Yach and Todd Divel
Mixed by Steve Vidaic and Mike Yach
Mastered by Jim Wilson
Artwork by Scott McCormick

Banner photo by Kit Chalberg
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