new music: queer hip-hop artist christopher lovell is one to watch with his mixtape “gatekeepers”

April 26, 2017

With soundscapes that reflect the diversity of his creative endeavors, the playwright and actor who graduated from the Harvard University/American Repertory Theatre graduate acting program, hip-hop artist Christopher Lovell’s “GATEKEEPERS” is an eclectic mix of energetic and soulful melodies.

The religious themes are heavy, though, causing the collection to veer into the realm of gospel in the same ways that keeps me from enjoying artists like Chance The Rapper, so be warned if religion ain’t your thing. Between those moments, Lovell delivers introspective and uplifting affirmations about self-acceptance and fighting your way forward that anybody can relate to. “This mixtape has been a long time coming. In a way, this moment is a bit of a rebirth for me. Music was my first dream[…]“GATEKEEPERS” has fueled me, it has pushed me, it has frightened me, it has catapulted me into allowing who I am to truly rise to the forefront. It is teaching me belief, patience and faith as well as reinforcing in me the importance of relentlessly going after my dreams. Hard work and consistency. I want people to feel that. I want people to be encouraged by this and hop on board to see where/how this rebirth takes shape,“ says Lovell.

Stream “GATEKEEPERS”, below.

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