new music: oshun delivers unapologetic message of resistance with “not my president”

April 14, 2017

OSHUN’s ambient soul track “Not My President” is a smooth AF resistance anthem for everyone who are still fucked up over Nov. 8. The NYC-based artist spills some tea on the American President through dreamy soundscapes and lush harmonies reminds us not to normalize the erratic man-baby and the hateful rhetoric that got him elected. “We look to our FAMILY, to our sisters and brothers, to OUR community when we consider Liberation,” OSHUN writes on Facebook. “We refuse to give our power and our gifts to an ongoing narrative of unrighteous politics. Let’s use our magic to build our own nations, and tell our own stories.”

Stream “Not My President”, below!


Photos styled and shot by @f2f_studios

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