new music: metalcore rockers rhetoric release two head-splitting tracks

April 13, 2017

Springfield, MA Metalcore band RHETORIC drops two, head-spinning tracks called “Our Efforts“ and ”A Place To Dwell.“ Two experimental-hardcore tracks with politically-charged messages, abstract soundscapes, and a rough, garage-rock hum. The second of two tracks, ”A Place To Dwell“ is a particularly unassuming, polite little number that quickly bashes you over the head before you can remember this is a metalcore band. Check ‘em out, down below.

Tour Dates

April 21 W/ Rebelmatic @ Baby Castles NYC
April 22 W/ Sniper Caprice @ The Vape Saloon. Wilmington, Delaware
April 29 W/ Arrowhead @ The Florence Mass VFW
April 30 W/ Zeta @ Pacific Standard Tavern. New Haven CT

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