does trump realize the syrian kids he wants to “save” are the same ones he attacked with “muslim ban”?

April 7, 2017

After Bashar al-Assad’s most recent chemical attack on the people of Syria this week, President Trump, overnight, decided that he does, in fact, care about the Syrian children he’s been marginalizing and denying help to, his entire time in office. Apparently, Trump failed to make the connection between Syrians with visas and the Syrian refugees fleeing their country from unimaginable terror and the Syrians and refugees Trump has passionately attempted to ban from the United States. It wasn’t clear to Trump until this week that children are literally dying and that his policies on refugee intake, his denial of the need to remove Assad from power, and his cozy public relationship with Russia, only enabled and emboldened Assad to feel like he can do whatever he wants.

The Syrian children Trump last night launched missiles in retaliation for their murders are the same children Trump labeled as terrorists and problematic figures to be left to their own devices when he ordered his first Muslim ban, targeting 7 Muslim-majority countries, including Syria and Syrian refugees. So, it’s real cute that he suddenly gives a shit having witnessed the horror these people have faced for more than 6 years.

It’s worth noting that the tomahawk missile strike does not come with an adjustment in American foreign policy aimed at rescuing refugees, alterations to the budget that help humanitarian aid and people in crisis.

Donald Trump’s absolute ignorance and intolerance have been clear indicators that he didn’t give a fuck about these kids when their bodies were washing up on shore, having attempted to flee the country by boat. He didn’t care then and it’s extremely hard to believe he cares now. You know, since he totally had access to all the information, evidence, and history of barbarism Assad as wielded until now. But hopefully, the President’s overnight compassion will grow into a genuine humanitarian effort—not just bomb dropping on a country already being decimated by bombs.

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