brazilian collective versus launches an awesome photo-essay inspired by “the get down”

April 20, 2017

By Robin Batista*, AFROPUNK Contributor

Inspired by the return of The Get Down series, the Brazilian creative collective Versus launches the stunning photo-essay Versus Get Down, bringing back the vibe of the 70’s hip hop fashion scene.

Versus is a São Paulo-based collective that has been an awesome creative platform run by some dope young boys and a girl who has refreshed the creative scene in the country.

From a simple Tumblr blog they created to share their lifestyle and references, Versus evolved to be a creation space that helped to develop their creativity and feed the São Paulo’s visual arts, music and fashion scene with outstanding productions and events. One of Versus’ goals is to represent their own message, in other words, to let all the black kids know that they got a big potential in their minds and hands to transform their own lives and their community.

“We believe that fashion is an essential tool for the self-expression of every person. We see fashion as something that goes beyond the futile and stereotyped perception that a lot of people still have about it. Fashion is an extremely complex form of art expression. Consequently, it is also part of who we are, reflecting on our values, ideals and so on”, says Cauê Santos, member of the crew.

Check out the essay Versus Get Down below, and click here to follow them on Facebook!:

Art direction and beauty: Gabriela Santili
Photo: Kelvin Yule
Styling: Cauê Santos
Clothing: Elizabeth Magalhães (Guarda Roupa SP )

Models and versus members:
Cauê Santos
Jorge Barros
Matheus Santos
Stephani Mauricio
Thiago Berto
Thomas Uwande


*Robin Batista is a São Paulo-based designer and AFROPUNK’s contributor. Follow Robin Batista: Facebook | Instagram