black french journalist audrey pulvar suspended for signing anti-marine le pen petition

April 27, 2017

After signing a petition against racist/xenophobic/Islamophobic/Holocaust-denier adjacent French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, French TV host Audrey Pulvar has been suspended from her job until after the election. Pulvar, who hosts the CNews show “The Grand Rendez-vous”, was said to have compromised a vague conflict of interest rule that prevents reporters and TV news personalities from revealing their specific political preferences, in terms of who they vote for.

The petition in question was started by controversial “white feminist” Ms. Laurence Rossignol, the Minister of Family, Childhood and Women’s Rights and supports the other Presidential candidate, neo-liberal Emmanuel Macron.
Still, many other journalists and commenters have openly stated their legitimate concerns about the Front National. Why was Audrey Pulvar suspended?
Pulvar is scheduled to return to the network after May 7.

Banner Photo: Left-right –  Audrey Pulvar via © Sipa, Marine Le Pen via BENOIT TESSIER/REUTERS