video premiere: knxves gives a haunting reflection on the violence of human nature in america in “civilized pt. 1”

March 24, 2017

What does civilization mean when so many remain excluded from it, no matter what they do? With his haunting new single, “Civilized Pt. 1”, Bay area based artist KNXVES forces us to answer the question, staring directly into the eyes of the listener as he asks. An intimate meditation on human nature, pain and suffering, “Civilized Pt. 1” is a timely reflection of the emotional implications social oppression has on the mind of oppressed people everywhere.

“The second in a series of four meditations on contemporary black life in America, ‘Civilized Pt. 1’ is an attempt to confront questions of Black Identity in a White Space (Fanon), The Deconstruction and Violence to the Black Body in Media (Ferguson), and asks the listener to answer the question, ‘What does it mean to be civilized?” KNXVES explains.

Check out the powerful video below!:

Cinematography/Filming: Alexandra Solis Sison
Creative Director: KNXVES