startup makes it easy to find and book natural hair stylists

March 2, 2017

How many times have you been stressed about your natural tresses and didn’t trust a salon to protect your hair? Ever needed to get your hair laid and couldn’t find someone to give you that fresh-from-the-salon look? Well Afrocks is the new startup making it easier to find and book natural hair stylists that come straight to you! The London endeavor comes at a time where natural hair has seen a surge in the UK but the marketplace hasn’t been able to keep up with the transition. Enter entrepreneur Herve Despois, a Guadeloupean Brit aiming to change the way consumers get haircare and creating the framework for an amazing network of entrepreneurship in his wake. Born out of the frustration that he faced when he had locs and no one to help with maintaining his mane. Hoping to internationalize soon, the London-based business is planning on eventually getting their service to Nigeria, Ghana, and several other West African countries. Despois says, “Looking at the bigger picture, my vision is to contribute in a very pragmatic manner to the normalisation of african features and hair textures by providing a credible alternative to women who do not wish to relax their hair or use chemicals, and making it as simple as possible for them to get their locs retwisted or their hair braided from the comfort of their own living room.” Check out their website afrocks.com and get your edges laid today! And if you’re not in the UK, support this amazing company via Facebook and Twitter!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor