premiere: alt-rock rascal bradlea-roi gets funky and philosophical in new “the half-human condition” ep

March 1, 2017

Alternative rock can mean just about anything and for Bradlea-Roi’s sound, there’s a bit of alchemy in the works with every note. On her new EP “The Half-Human Condition,” the Atlanta singer is squarely within the classic rock scene, but also incorporates elements of electronic, punk, rhythm and blues, and soul into her music. The content of the EP ranges from the personal to the party, with stand out tracks like “Black Glitter” leading the charge for her fun and meaningful message. Bradlea-Roi says, “I wrote this work for the people that feel just as lost as I do in this world. Trying to find the space to grow and evolve in a society that is constantly pressuring people to conform is really difficult and to cope with that pressure I felt it necessary to split myself in two; one half to please the world and the other to hide and preserve my true self. This EP is the start of what I feel like is a journey for most people. The journey to become one.” Serving as a one man band for her project, Bradlea-Roi was responsible for all the songwriting, production, and arrangement, with supporting guitar by Austin Hesher and Roark Bailey, as well as mixing and mastering by Maad Scientist. Stream “The Half-Human Condition” EP exclusively here on AFROPUNK below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photo courtesy of Bradlea-Roi