new music: willow smith and tyler cole guest on heartbreaking new single from jabs and sichangi #soundcheck

March 6, 2017

When rising Nairobi-based producer Sichangi sent his instrumental off to JABS, he had no idea it’d end up as the basis for a collaboration with Wilough and Tyler Cole. “We kept in touch through emails and in one of them I asked about the progress of the song and she said that it was coming along well, and that Wilough and ‘someone else’ would be on it “ The end result may have missed the deadline for his debut EP, but the quartet show an impressive effortless chemistry. Over a beat like calm waters over turbulent fault lines, Wilough and JABS haunt and harmonize, while Tyler Cole’s verse spells out that heartbreaking moment when you realize it’s not you or me, it’s both of us. Let’s hope for more from the 4 of them.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor