new music: syd mesmerizes in groovy new track “treading water”

March 28, 2017

We still haven’t gotten over the haunting blessing that was Syd’s debut solo project Fin, released in February, but The Internet front-woman is already back with a new offering, and not a moment to soon! After tweeting out the track titled “Treading Water,” Syd explained it was originally intended for her album, and that it was was her “favorite song on #FIN before i had to cut it” (likely due to the fact that Big Sean and Jhené Aiko’s “Selfish” uses the same instrumental, as The FADER pointed out).

In the track, Syd sings of sink or swim relationship in which she gives her all but is always left barely above water: “Feels like I’m treading water / Waiting on your call / And it’s getting harder / Trying not to drown.” Take a listen below!:

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