new music: nyc hardcore band rebelmatic fights injustice on their latest anthem “stolen” #soundcheck

March 17, 2017

“You value property more than human life” Creature sings over the blistering hardcore of “Stolen.” It’s an anthem defying the injustice of a system where “the blood of the children soak the ground.” Rebelmatic has never shied away from addressing serious shit in their music, and their latest single from last year’s Judas Goat EP finds the band at their most focused and brutally honest. This is the kind of song we need more of right now.

As the band explains:

At a time where it feels that the dignity of basic human intelligence has been hijacked by brands, corporations, and the White House, Rebelmatic’s “Stolen” (from 2016’s Judas Goat EP) is a hardcore call to “Stay Awake!” depicting the final blow to anything one would describe as freedom as something suckers are begging for without even knowing. As the police state smilingly encroaches on personal liberties with handy gadgets and “be afraid” rhetoric, shrugged shoulders sometimes seem like the easiest option to people with busy lives. Why not smash those shoulders together in the mosh pit to the tune of this lo-fi, gutter smash anthem that in under three minutes brings you through the history of NYC punk styles and to the edge of the impending blood spill. Whose is it gonna be: ours, or the vampires’?