new music: cardiff’s baby queens reinvent the classic vocal group sound on the infectious “hear me” #soundcheck

March 27, 2017

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor

Like a primordial Motown band frozen in a glacier, the rapid onset of catastrophic climate change leaving them suddenly visible through 6 feet of solid ice, Baby Queen spin out classic hooks through an icy sea of reverb, their indelibly tight rhythm section fighting through the haze. Their latest single “Hear Me” borrows the production aesthetic of early 80’s goth and post-punk and marries it to a classic pop soul melody for something totally infectious. It’s a fight to be heard from this band of band of two sisters, two cousins, and their adopted sister. Through the deftly densly layered effects: we hear you loud and clear.

Banner Photo: David Krosnia Photography
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