meet mjt, a trio of brothers funking up the indie rock scene

March 16, 2017

MJT started as the Michael Jazz Trio, doing gigs around their Long Island, NY stomping grounds, when the Godfrey brothers were barely into their late teens. Now in their early twenties, Keyboardist Matthew Godfrey, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist David Godfrey, and drummer Jo Jo Godfrey have moved from their funk beginnings into a more indie rock sound, created by blending funk, r&b and jazz. Previous projects include Nightmares & Daydreams (listen) and Hour Glass (listen). Their new EP, The World Is A Broken Toy, dropped February 25th. Give it a listen below!:

By Hari Ziyad*, AFROPUNK Contributor

*Hari Ziyad is a New York based storyteller and writer for AFROPUNK. They are also the editor-in-chief of RaceBaitR, deputy editor of Black Youth Project, and assistant editor of Vinyl Poetry & Prose. You can follow them on Twitter @hariziyad.