meet los angeles rocker troi irons, the brutally honest bombshell making indie rock for the next generation

March 3, 2017

Indie rock has always been like a mirror into the soul of the artists that create within its expansive confines. The beauty, the brains, and the brutal honesty found in singers and songwriters of this genre are nearly unmatched and a new crop of icons is on the way. Los Angeles transplant by way of Nevada Troi Irons is dispelling all myths about Black women in indie rock, holding her own and heading towards the holy grail of musical output. Born in Atlanta and raised in Nevada, the homeschooled singer and guitarist started listening to classical and classic rock at a tender age and started to hone her skills as a teenager, listening to Green Day. Inspired by the raw and realness she heard, Troi eventually began making her own albums after she graduated high school at the age of 12. Now she’s signed to Def Jam and helping to craft a resurgence of indie rock and punk vibes in her music and aesthetic. Her tracks have garnered major success on streaming services and her visuals are unbelievably creative and personal. Get to know Troi Ironsas well as the amazing music she’s capable of in the video below and via her website

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor