make america smart again: we cannot let mediocrity be the new standard

March 23, 2017

Donald Trump is really something else. Living under his rule definitely seems the zap more than just a few brain cells, and I can only hope they are being used by him and his staff because they very sorely need them. What did he do now, you ask? I don’t even know. Maybe it was the fact that there was a whole entire terrorist attack yesterday in NYC, and Mr. Bomb All Terrorists remembered to add the “Unless They’re White” to his name and decided to tweet something silly about Obamacare instead.

Honestly, all the stupidity seems to blend together at this point. Between Kellyanne Conway creating a new genre of fact called “alternative”–serving a specific niche of fact-listeners you might call “liars”–the tiny hands Trump uses to grab women by their genitals without their consent, Ben Carson bumping his head and waking up with the words “slave” and “immigrant” all mixed up, and Trump’s constant sexist rants (which you shouldn’t confuse for his racist rants, although sometimes they do blend–yay, intersectionality!), I’m all Trumped out. He has gone beyond epitomizing just how unintelligent American politics have become.

Of course, this was long time coming. Sarah Palin already saw Russia from her house and George W. Bush was a master of old Tennessee quotables (we’ve been fooled again, Dubya, who is the shame on now?!) long before we were stuck with Trump, and we should have raised the bar then. Hell, considering the fact that America was founded by bloodthirsty colonizers with very questionable hygeine practices, one could argue that this country was never particularly smart, and mediocrity was always the standard. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is we need smarter people leading us, at the very least folks who can string together coherent sentences about policy–any policy (Trump can barely string together a coherent 140 character tweet!), if we are ever going to turn this ship around.

Or at this point, maybe we should just let it sink.