“greene” is a film tackling black love, loss, and depression

March 14, 2017

Keenan Dailey is a student at the University of Illinois who has already had an official selection in the New Art Film Festival with the short film Labyrinth, in addition to being a qualifier for the Sundance Ignite 2016 fellowship with the short film Dadaism.

Now he’s tackling his first feature-length with Greene, a film about a 28-year old Black gallery owner, Marcus Greene, who is struggling to find peace with the fractured remnants of his life. Due to Marcus’s depressive state, his gallery has been failing and is now facing foreclosure. The story follows Marcus’s journey as he comes to term with his past, present, and future, dealing with themes of Black love, loss, and depression.

By Hari Ziyad, AFROPUNK Contributor

The filmmaker hopes to raise at least $3,618 via Kickstarter in order to fund production and distribution.

Check out the concept trailer below:

Greene [Proof of Concept Teaser] from Keenan Dailey on Vimeo.