dr. seuss was racist, these woke kids protested ‘dr. seuss week’ at their school

March 6, 2017
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Last week, 11-year-old Rockett and 10-year-old Zoe stood up to their school’s week-long celebration of Dr. Seuss aka Theodor Geisel (an extension of the National Read Across America Day), according to Angry Asian Man. The students made flyers (below) to pass out at school to call out the fact that Geisel has a racist past and had created racist illustrations that depicted Africans and Japanese-Americans as animals and property to be owned or terrorists only waiting for their cue to strike. Angry Asian Man reports that the flyers, which were made largely without parental supervision, were confiscated or ordered to be removed from sight. The teacher who confiscated Rocket’s flyers brought them to the attention of the principal who, in turn, emailed Rocket’s parents sighting that school was not an “appropriate” venue for such matters. If not in the safety of a classroom, then where? But, okay. Read Rocket’s parent’s equally woke response to the school, here.