cameroonian indie rocker vagabon leaves a lasting impression with her ‘infinite worlds’ ep

March 17, 2017

“‘Infinite Worlds’ is the latest project from indie singer-songwriter and mutli-instruamentalist, Vagabon, aka Laetitia Tamko. An 8-track collection of dreamy soundscapes, bedroom synth-pop, and intermediate pops of diy punk rock, ‘Infinite Worlds’ is an ethereal lo-fi vision. The songs, which build upon some of Vagabon’s earlier demos, explore what it was like growing up in Cameroon, where she was inspired by the traditional West African folk music and drum beats, before moving to New York for high school. “A lot of [’Infinite Worlds’] about finding a space for myself, whether it is physical, emotional, social” Tamko says. “It’s about finding that place where I feel most comfortable. And also finding that the confidence within myself can continue to grow. And finding what it takes for me to feel whole through making music.”

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Photo credit: Katie Thompson