book: this whimsical picture book encourages young boys of color to uplift the black and brown girls in their lives

March 27, 2017

After witnessing the ways that Black and Brown women in his life were made to feel uncomfortable about their own skin, AFROPUNK community member and artist Lawrence Lindell began a powerful picture series initially titled “Brown Girl”. These whimsical drawings of young boys of color giving positive affirmations to Black and Brown girls would eventually become “From Black Boy With Love,” a 24 page tribute to these girls encouraging other young men and boys to uplift them in their own lives.

“I chose to make all the characters in the book young boys of color because I want to start and continue the dialogue of men and boys speaking to women and girls in a positive manner,” Lindell explained. “This could be an example of how we should teach our young and especially our old to speak life into our women and girls.” So necessary!

There are only 50 books available for the first run, and each comes a personalized hand drawn illustration. Check out some of the other pieces from the series below:

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