artist and curator ingrid lafleur announces bid in detroit mayoral race

March 15, 2017
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Detroit native and contemporary artist & curator Ingrid LaFleur has thrown her hat in the race for the mayoral race in her hometown. After spending over a decade traveling the world and engaging in the contemporary arts community, LaFleur aims to apply what she’s learned through her unique experiences, creativity, and background to leadership. “I have experienced all of the beauty and challenges in Detroit on an intimate level,” LaFleur told Hyperallergic.com. “I know of many small business owners and creatives that are credited with the rebirth of the city, which means I have an in-depth understanding of our needs. As a curator, I observe, research, investigate, and then bring together the elements to make a cohesive statement and/or action. As an artist I tend focus on out-of-the-box ways to resolve issues that I face. I am using all of those skills to create a healthy, sustainable city.”

In 2012, LaFleur curated a multi-media project, AFROTOPIA, that “shifts the perspective of Detroit into one that imagines the indefinite possibilities for prosperous growth stimulated by the cultural legacy of Black American radical thought and experimentation.”

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor


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