Sex & Gender

the anti-misogynoir project creates platform for black womxn to tell their own narratives

February 2, 2017

The Anti-Misogynoir Project is a visual project that gives black women a platform to share their own narratives about the black femme experience. “It’s kind of like a Humans of NY, but for Black Womxn,” says photographer Jacquelyn Iyamah. Through the ongoing visual project, Iyamah hopes to empower and embolden black women to be honest about their identities and stories by sharing them with the world. See more of the Anti-Misogynoir Project on Instagram and peep a few examples, below.

“It’s been a journey. It’s taken a while to feel at home in my own skin. Growing up in predominantly white, european communities, it’s taken time to come to terms with who I am, and to understand how my self-concept is at times tempered by others’ perception of me. It’s taken some time to learn how to assert my Blackness and femininity unapologetically. To love myself. I’m a work in progress. A complicated, touchy, sensitive, loving, goofy, and smart – work in progress. But I’m home now. And I’m me.” –

“As a Black Muslim woman, I often feel like I have three strikes against me. Not only am I Black, not only am I Woman, but I am also Muslim. There is so much stigma surrounding my identities. I often feel like I have to be 3 times as good as everyone else just to get to the same place as them. It is not easy being the mule of the world. It is not easy having to carry the world on your back. But I enjoy being who I am. I have overcome many struggles. I am resilient.”

“Being a black woman means that at my core I am rich with histories of language, culture, and resistance. It means I am both strong and soft. It means I am held by my mothers sacrifices and created through the eyes of Goddess. It means I am a daughter of the revolution and a sister to queens. It means I have many homes not confined by blood family. It means I know love and pain intimately. It means I am walking resilience and a gifted warrior. It means I am powerful beyond measure and made of pure gold.”

“my black femme mystic energetic radiant being.” •My : it has taken years to enter this womynhood. •Black : self-identification, not a projection of what you think that I am, but a reclamation of who i am. •Femme : young baddie who embraces her unlocked levels & the fullness of feminine divinity. •Mystic : i am magical, ascending on other levels, sprinkling my pixie dust across this world. •Energetic : i vibe to the beat that flows within me & my current journey is to connect with the depths of my selfhood, trust who is in here, but where would i be without the love that vibrates around me, encouraging me to seek and believe in myself? •Radiant : acceptance has been and will be the hardest part of my journey– i still harbor a constant fear that I am not worthy enough & have been told so in many different ways– but in these past years there is a sturdiness that anchors & settles me; to shimmer, glitter, and send out rays of light is inevitable. •Being : my existence is radical, so i nurture, cultivate, and tend to my spirit: choosing & attempting to be unapologetically and genuinely ‘me’.