princess nokia punches sexist audience member at cambridge show

February 22, 2017
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It seems that a trend has begun where punches get thrown at Nazis in broad daylight or whenever bigotry occurs and I can’t say I’m against it. In this case, rapper Princess Nokia reportedly retaliated at an audience member at her show in Cambridge via Fly Girls of Cambridge. After he yelled sexist and misogynistic slurs at her during a performance, Princess Nokia had had enough. The Cambridge Student, an online university editorial, reports that the artist threw a drink and a punch at the verbal assailant. The Harlem rapper is known for being an outspoken feminist and has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for instances of sexism and sexual harassment, with this case causing her to abruptly end her set. In a world where women of color, especially Black and Latina womens’ wellbeing is often on the backburner, Princess Nokia is more than justified in demanding the respect that she deserves, and moreover she felt “[…] her safety and comfort were severely compromised.” After the altercation, Princess Nokia had this to say of the incident: “I’m so sorry, but when a white boy disrespects you, you punch him in the fucking face.” Well put, boo. Well put.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor