premiere: uk soul crooner milo tain is bringing neo soul back in his new single “the look”

February 10, 2017

The funk is in full effect and the youth are taking notice. 22 year old artist Milo Tain is combining R&B, funk and soul in a rush of grooves and pulsing rhythms in new single ‘The Look.’ The track is Milo’s first solo output which is reminiscent of a 90’s sound, reminiscent of Philly re-invented for a modern audience. Featuring fresh, airy harmonies, compelling rhythms and a confident yet dreamy vocal performance that creates nostalgia and further intrigue. While it’s nostalgic, it encapsulates the original and fearless notion that Milo’s natural talent provides and the ability to captivate listeners. Originally having already been revered for his covers and tributes, including the excellently performed ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ by Amy Winehouse, he’s back with the a solo track for the ages. Influenced by the likes of Roy Ayers, D’Angelo and Marvin Gaye, Milo said the following about his new track: ”My vision for ‘The Look’ was to create a song about sensuality and love that links back to classic romanticism yet also remains relevant in today’s time. Musically and lyrically, i drew a lot of influence from D’Angelo and Roy Ayers. The main goal was to create a mysterious seductive atmosphere, that remains true to me as an artist and shows my abilities as a singer, writer, producer and saxophonist.” Well the seduction and sensuality is apparent, so press play on ‘The Look’ by Milo Tain.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor