mykki blanco claps back at store clerk telling him to “stop playing in dresses”

February 10, 2017

International sensation Mykki Blanco is known for being the most outspoken, larger-than-life, unapologetic queer rapper in the game was recently accosted by a store owner in Germany ahead of his sold-out show there. Mykki is a self-professed “gay man who loves drag” and many people don’t understand, accept, or tolerate self expression as freely as one would hope. In a recent video tour diary, he documents the encounter and immediately says, “She thought she could talk to me that way because I am a gay man in drag,”who refers to a “nasty checkout chick,” who tells him to stop “playing in the dresses.” It’s unbelievable that our world is so proud to be as intolerant as it is, with people making comments to those who don’t exist in the world in the same way that their experiences are invalid and not pure of heart. Mykki Blanco has already responded in his music, with every track showing his full range of humanity, from the emotional rollercoaster of being in the music industry to gender and sexual identity to race and inequality. We hope that he continues to use his voice and platform to make space for the marginalized communities he represents, while taking care of himself in the process. Watch the tour diary below and for more information on this story, read Out’s coverage.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor