meet 24-year-old entrepreneur steven bartlett, ceo of europe’s #1 social media agency

February 24, 2017

With the internet, anything is possible. Age no longer dictates how much influence you can have, if you’ve got the intellect, creativity, and a knack for social media, your reach knows no bounds. Steven Bartlett, the 24-year old entrepreneur and CEO of Social Chain, knows this all too well. The young upstart already holds the distinction of running the #1 social media agency in Europe, a multi-million pound business that’s only getting more efficient, effective and powerful. After being expelled from school and scrounging for food from leftovers at kebab spots, he got the idea for Social Chain while trying to start a different business. He saw an opportunity to change the way consumer brands market to their audience when he met his business partner Dom McGregor, who at the time was running a comedic Twitter page called “Student Problems.” Their idea was to capitalize on the audience they’d built organically and to market to the consumers directly via social media.

In creating such a dynamic offering, they revolutionized the marketplace and are reaping the benefits of being the first of their kind in Europe. To keep the innovation going, their office culture reflects the spunk and creativity they require of their employees. Steven said in an interview with RMC Media, “Me and Dom understand that the team is Social Chain’s most valuable asset and so, along with a cool office, we try to go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy. We don’t really offer formal incentives to work hard but there are many perks of the job, like a fully-stocked bar, day trips out, birthday presents and no limits on the amount of holidays you can take, plus lots of personal development.” He went on to tell AFROPUNK, “There are two sides to Social Chain, one is being a marketing agency, and the other is being a media owner. On both fronts, our aim is to be the best in the world.” And we believe he’s well on his way.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor