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first openly gay division i football recruit my-king johnson is breaking barriers

February 27, 2017

My-King Johnson is a division 1 football player breaking down barriers as the first openly gay recruit. Johnson, known by friends as King, told University of Arizona defensive line coach Vincent Amey he was gay during the recruitment process, to which Amey replied: “We want you to be a Wildcat.” Amey went on to admit that having an openly gay player on the team was “new” to him, but expressed support for King and stressed that this message will be echoed in the locker room, in his own macho way: “Look, you are who you are, I am who I am, and I’m going to coach you the same way,” said Amey. “When the players find out, especially my room, I’m going to tell [those] dudes: Look, you gotta have his back.”