“crimes by white americans” website showcases the real threat to american democracy: white people

February 6, 2017

In an effort to keep the masses up to date with the “true criminals” of the day, new website “Crimes By White Americans” is listing out all the crimes committed by white folks to combat the notion that minorities and immigrants are the source of criminal activity. In the current state of America as a country, the sentiment is white nationalist, which includes a host of other terrible predispositions like misogyny, sexism, racism and xenophobia, so perhaps a healthy dose of reality will help to turn the tide? Take a look at some of the heinous and completely “harmless” crimes and the faces of those who committed them and ask yourself, is this what a criminal looks like to me?

John Rigas: Fraud

Kevin Bollaert: Extortion

Ammon Bundy Militia: Domestic Terrorism