colorism is white supremacy in action in the black community

February 13, 2017

In today’s time, we are faced with different perceptions of who we are as black people. Dealing with the everyday stresses of being seen more aggressive, bitter, and ghetto. Having to prove that these traits are not who we all are as black people are exhausting. We fight these stigmas every day as people.

We end up fighting these [racial] stigmas, but forget we place the same ones upon our community. We allow colorism to divide us as people and create more tension in the black community. This places the ideas that dark is ugly and light is beautiful within our own minds. Taking us back to the mindset that slavery has instilled into us.

By Autumn Mae, AFROPUNK contributor

The idea of lighter being the best skin tone has spread into an epidemic of skin bleaching. Woman of a darker tone is damaging themselves to achieve the lighter tone with bleachers and chemicals. Harming their health in order to achieve this idea of beauty. Finding hate within themselves and claiming they will have more manifestation in life.

These ideas trickle down to younger woman and men. Creating a self-hate for their skin tone and hate for their lighter tone friends. Not knowing that in the end to the other races we are all seen as black people. In our community, people forget that this can be a term of racism. We just internalize it this form of racism within our community.

Now we are solely not the blame for why it continues on today. The media enforces these ideas of white supremacy onto all ethnicities and causes these tensions within our communities. However, we can change this. Creating unity of our black community and to stop pinning us against each other. Colorism creates division and defeats the idea of a community. In these times of trial, we are all we have. As black people, we must rise and defeat these complexities. Our derivation is all from Africa. We bleed the same blood and breathe the same air. Not one of us is better than the next. In order to fight this external racism, we must fight the internal racism that was placed upon us by the white supremacist. It is time to unite as a community and defeat the self-hate and bullying.