black-owned dapper shoe brand uptown yardie has the flyest footwear around

February 28, 2017

Need to up your shoe game? Look no further than Uptown Yardie, the Black-owned dapper shoe brand supplying all of your dandy needs. The British cobbler has its roots in Jamaican culture, with the name of the brand inspired by a Bob Marley quotation ‘me ah bring downtown uptown.’ The meaning behind the phrase is “bring the man dem from the ghetto to where he was living uptown at the time, and the original uptown yardie is someone who comes from the more affluent parts of Jamaica. Their mindset in the present, “The Uptown Yardie brand today embodies a progressive man or woman who does not follow fashion. Who refuses to be put into a box, but thinks outside of it. Who is aware of current trends and the lover of well-designed beautiful things but not at all dictated by them. Who likes to wear clothing that does not wear them. Who has a passion and love for things that are well crafted and that has more longevity than one season.” Their Kickstarter campaign has just begun and they’re looking for support to start providing this fashion forward footwear to the public. Their vision is to create for a community of people who have not been catered for by mainstream fashion and feel underrepresented in conversations about what fashion is and where it should go.

Their first collection is made in Northampton, to stay true to the art of tradition and expert English shoemaking. Combining the craftsmanship and top quality leather, these shoes are the best of the best. Uptown Yardie says, “We believe that our product should have a distinctive and individual character like that of its owner, without compromising quality for uniqueness. Quality is paramount to the Uptown Yardie brand, it must have a purpose and functionality not just be different for different’s sake.” With that, please consider supporting their Kickstarter, and take a look at a preview of the brand below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor